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Believers Baptist Church

All churches are the same, right?
Well, that is what many people think, but that is not the case. There is one in the Warsaw/Winona Lake area that is proud to be distinctive.

You might say, “Well, they all have pews, chairs, preachers and sermons, right?” Well, yes, but distinctives and differences do exist.

Believers Baptist Church has chosen to be distinctive in a day of constant change and uncertainty. You will hear the majesty of the King James Bible proclaimed in every service, not a confusing assortment of modern versions.

You might say, “I’ve gone to church before, and I just felt lost in the crowd.” Not at Believers Baptist. We are small enough to be personal. You also have the right to be greeted, welcomed and treated as someone special, because you are made in the image of God, and your friends and neighbors at Believers Baptist would be proud to have you as our guest in the service you could attend. You would see how the members of Believers Baptist are happy to be a part of our church.

“Well, I’ve had bad experiences at church in the past.”
Consider this: when you had a bad meal at one restaurant, you didn’t forever quit going out to eat did you? Your spiritual and personal enemy (Satan) would love to keep you away. If he had his way, you would be lonely, frustrated, stressed out and in despair. He loves to break up relationships and shatter lives. We serve a God of hope!

You not only have
the hope of eternal life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can have a quality of life here and now! Your friends at Believers Baptist Church would be glad to show you how. We are a small flock, but have three experienced Pastors for your spiritual needs.

In a day of socialism and liberalism, you would be glad to see we are patriotic and conservative. You would see we love our country and the principles which made her great. You would be comforted to hear the great, majestic songs of our historic faith rather than CCM music, and see your neighbors worshiping the God of your fathers.

You would be glad to see we are independent of apostate denominations; no religious headquarters far away dictates our church policies or what we preach. You would be glad to see we are an independent church.

You can find us easily on Pierceton Road, about one mile east of Winona Lake. Or, you can come west on Pierceton Road from the intersection of County Road 250 East, about 3 blocks to our church sign . . . the driveway is across the road from the sign.

Not all churches are the same! You would be glad to see the differences at Believers Baptist Church . . . some friendly hearts and faces are waiting to see you. Please contact us for more information! We hope to see you soon!

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